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 Edit your current Profile and choose what information you would like shown 


 View you Current resume with the option to email, print and save it. 

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 Edit your current Resume general and availability information. Also, choose what information you would like shown to businesses you apply to. 


 Add and edit your experiences shown in your resume. Ex: Companies you previously and currently work for 


 Add and edit your education history shown in your resume. 


 Add and edit your highlights shown in your resume. Ex: Your achievements. 


 Add and edit your skills shown in your resume. Ex: Your skillsets and what you're good at. 

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 Post your resume for employers to see. Let the job come to you instead of the job coming to them. 


 View all reference points given to you by other users. This feature is under construction and coming soon. 

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 View, add, edit and organize all contacts you've added and people you follow 


 Schedule and organize your life with your personal task calendar. View, add, and edit all your tasks on a calendar themed grid. 

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 Create lists/folders/projects for your tasks. Also, track your task completion percentage and share them with other users for collaboration. 


Resources for you! Turn your profile into our unique digital contact card, file your taxes online, and manage members in your businesses. 

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