For Schools

Daily task reporting



keep track of student appointments with a simple to use calendar system that ports data with one click


stay up to date with daily tasks, advertisements, and student graduates! know when documents are due to remain in compliance and use our easy-to-use oeds helper when filling out oeds documents


business apps

create a class

print all student and class documents by the click of a button. information is generated by using our digital id system.


creating a class is easier than ever! with our automated fill-in fields, you can add clinical, instructor, and class information by the click of a button

enroll new student

enroll and organize student data to ensure all documents are in check. know their demographic availability to potential employers and search any student in your database with our "edit a student" option.


virtual classroom

have an overview of all classes and students in your school. prepare all class documents to be printed virtually.

status & payments

keep track of payments and what documents are good or need attention. these can be student's physicals, book rental, entrance documents ,or payment status. print  transaction sheets and receipts in one click!


inventory & equipment

record your inventory and equipment digitally. 


services module