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Behold the era of Digital Assistants

Each employee that has a digital assistant is more productive, makes less errors, and has more time to focus on things that matter

We create software applications and digital assistants for any type of company or field to help them be managed in a way they can grow and expand using strategic methods

Ideal for:

  • Homecare agencies and recruiters looking to hire directly from training schools

  • Training schools who need electronic management system and want to save and increase revenue

  • Graduated students seeking employment

  • Students who cannot afford tuition can apply to be sponsored for training

Digital Assistant 

Candidates Listed Directly from Training School 

Sponsor a student's education whose demographics meets your patient's needs


Candidate Availability 


Places willing to work

Languages spoken 

Switch to the Most Competitive Wage Parity Plan 

  • Save your agency money

  • Benefits that make employees happy 

  • Stay always in compliance 

  • Qualified agencies get digital assistant services for free (restrictions may apply) 

Heading 1

For Agencies & Recruiters 

Digital Assistant 

For Schools 

-Log appointments

-View balances by class

-Record student grades

-Manage student payments

-Keep track of inventory

-Save time with everything

-Apps built to optimize production

-Intelligent services that can save and make you money

Works in any School

Permission based system allows roles for:

  • administrator

  • director

  • agent

  • teacher

  • student

Digital Assistant 

For Certified HHA's & CNA's


Immediate Job Placement Assistance

Enter your demographic information into our secure servers


We verify your information then list you as "available for work"

Get hired! Agencies and recruiters will contact you with jobs available!


Get Sponsored for Training 

To get a job you may need a certificate. However, you may not have the money to pay for the training. Enter your information and if a hiring agency or recruiter has a job opening, they may sponsor your training costs, allowing you to get certified and get hired at no cost to you

Education at no cost to you

Program only available for Adminitime clients

Apply and increase your chances of getting hired

Business Apps

All employees share business apps

Digitize any document to one touch PDF documents

Create applications using your data to auto-fill fields

Works on any device

  • Comes mobile ready & compatible with most devices.

Pages can be set for mobile ready shortcuts

Robust Tab System

Software allows user open more than one application at a time in different tabs

Never lose your place again keep tabs open all day long

Secure and Fast

Encrypted data so your stuff is safe. Electronic backups use Google servers for backups

Server connections run at optimum high speeds to serve you better

Set individual permissions per employee or group of employees

Common Business Apps

File your business taxes now. Excellent service.

Our accounting service can plug into your digital assistant

Save in ways you may have not known possible before

Save money on all business insurances

  • All businesses need insurance

  • Compare your current plan today

  • Save on workman's comp., general liability, and all other business insurances

Get a free quote today and learn how to save