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The Digital Era Is Here 


Creative Software Solutions that digitally manage your entire business


Make more money, join our team, or utitilize our services 


Direct Digital Marketing to reach large audiences 


No More Paper. Digitize everything. Run your business in the air


Custom apps for users and shared apps for businesses 


Automated services increase revenue & employee production

Adminitime is utilized for...


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Turn your School business digital giving you the ability to run and manage everything in the air! 

Specialized modules to keep track of every aspect of your company!

Made to save money, time and create new streams of revenue for your business!

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Agencies & Recruiters

Access the largest database of ready to work Home Health Aide and Nurses Aides.

Know their demographic availability such as the days and hours they're available to work, languages spoken, areas willing to work and all contact information!

Keep track of all your recruiting appointments and fill employment gaps for available patient hours.

After you recruit them, you can digitally import and print their data onto your business documents saving time and effort!

Direct Digital Marketing

Introducing our Business Informer Digital Magazine!

At Adminitime, we want to help you grow as a company and get as much exposure as possible! 

The Business Informer is an interactive magazine that can host social media pages, websites, videos, and all of your advertisement materials.

With viewership consisting of:

Students, Employers and Businesses

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Partnered with New World Associates

The first wage parity plan approved by the New York State Department of Health.

As veterans in the industry, they can provide your company with the most comprehensive,

cost-effective approach to a cutting edge wage parity plan that can be customized and tailored exactly to your agency's needs! 

Switch your wage parity plan today to save your agency money and stay in compliance all while making your employees happy! Qualified Agencies will get our Adminitime Agency List for free!