Create Class.png

Create a class to schedule students into.

Enroll Student.png

 Enroll a student into a class you created. 


Enrollment agreements and class files are located here for print, export and view 

Edit Student.png

 Edit a student's information. 

Virtual Classroom.png

 View all classes going on and the students in them. Input test grades and clinical dates through our Virtual Classroom module. 

Log Book.png

 Log and schedule appointments as well as attend to them through our Log Book. 


 Add, view and update your business' equipment list and keep track of all your inventory in one place. 


 Record your daily tasks here for management to look over. 


 View and update your business accounting receivables and expenses with our Accounting module. 

Status Payments.png

 View and record all classes and student payments. You can also view and record all student's file compliance status. 


 Set permissions for roles in your business to determine which employees have access to which module. 

Admin Panel.png

 Add and edit your employees along with their information and associated classes in our Admin Panel.